Organizing Your Email Overload

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Messy Email?

Are you overwhelmed with your overloaded emails you receive each day? My email shows little blue dots next to messages that haven’t been opened and read yet.  I HATE little blue dots!  I wake up and feel like I could just spend the whole day answering emails and looking through all the newsletters, updates and subscriptions I’ve got hounding me.  I want to look at a lot them at some point, but I don’t want things to keep building.  I want to just focus on business and personal mail first but I find myself stressing to get rid of as many blue dots as I can to just clear my screen. 

What I Use to Organize/ Simplify

During an organizing conference I learned about a great way to keep my mailbox orderly and tidy!  It is called…..  There are other programs that do the same sort of thing, but this is the one I was shown and the one I use, so that is why I’m telling you about this one.

How it Works is a program you load on your computer.  It helps you quickly unsubscribe to the things you no longer want and then helps you consolidate all the “not so important” emails into ONE email. You decide the time of day that this ONE email is sent to you.   Bam, only one blue dot instead of millions. (Ok, slight exaggeration)  But it helps me feel at peace about just focusing on the critical stuff each morning and waiting till I have more down time to open up my  Daily roll up email.  Awww…. Breath.  

Why I Use This

I enjoy anything that is going to help simplify my life and this is just one of those things.  Don't be afraid to check out other programs like this before you commit to this one. Good luck!

Stay Organized!