Staying on Top of Laundry

Image credit- Kimberly Ray Millers "Coming Clean"

Image credit- Kimberly Ray Millers "Coming Clean"

Constantly having laundry piled around the house can be overwhelming and really drag you down.  I want to share just a few tips that I know can really change things around your home and help you keep on top of that laundry!

#1 Reduce the Stash!

This is the number one cause of laundry clutter and piles; HAVING TOO MANY CLOTHES.  A child really doesn't need more that 10 shirts and 4 pairs of pants, besides the special Sunday best and sport clothes ect.  This is a two week supply and is really plenty.

  I just had a client who struggles with laundry clutter say that her kids really don't have too many clothes and that they just got rid of a bunch.  We counted.  Each child had 40 to 50 shirts and she didn't even realize.  

When there are fewer clothes, it isn't as easy for piles to build.  When the drawer starts getting empty, you have to wash.  When you put the clothes away, they fit easily into the drawers and closet.  There is no over flow.  There is no shoving to get things to fit.  Nice, huh?  

Just keep the clothes you love and the ones you actually wear.  You DON'T need 10 kick around shirts to work at home or the yard in.  Get rid of what you don't wear!

#2 Have a Basket and Spot for Each Family Member

Having baskets for each family member keeps them accountable for THEIR own clothes. Clean clothes get put in their baskets.  THEY need to bring these clothes to their drawers and put them away.  This is my laundry room.  Luckily I have a handy husband who built this for me,  but be creative to come up with a way you could have baskets for every family member.  Label them.

#3 Fold As You Pull Out of the Dryer!

This is another HUGE tip that makes all the difference.  As you pull clothes out of the dryer, fold and drop in the appropriate basket or bin.  It REALLY doesn't take that much time.  It becomes a habit and goes quite quickly.  Now there are no more piles of clothes that need to be folded laying around the house.  AND things don't get wrinkled!  Having a bar to hang the hanging clothes on is also great if you have the room.

#4 Have Hooks in Every Bedroom

Nobody ever knows what to do with the "I can wear this again" clothes.  That is where hooks come into play.  You can hid them behind doors or in closets.  "Command Brand Hooks" are great because you don't need to put any holes in the wall and they are super easy to put up!  They even have ones that look like brass or nickel that you are able to hang in a decorative way.  So Awesome!  You can find Command hooks by the light bulbs at Target or can even order them on Amazon.  Easy. 

Thats it!

Four simple steps that could really change your life for the better!  Give it a try and then leave a comment about how it goes.  Also share with me what your family does that works.  I LOVE to hear other great ideas!

Stay Organized!