Organizing Your Storage Closet

How can you make your storage closet look beautiful and functional even though it's just full of a bunch of miscellaneous, random needed items?  Well, let me tell you!


This is a closet that holds a lot of things that are used regularly.  But my client wanted it to not only be a little more functional, she wanted it to look pretty and organized.  We tried a couple different things to make the situation better, until we got it just right.

Here is a little closer look of our before pictures.

PUll Everything Out/ Sort

First thing you want to do is pull everything out of your storage area and put things into "like" piles.  While you are pulling things out and sorting, get rid of the things you no longer need, use or love.  Don't keep those things you think you might need "some day", especially if you are tight on space.  Let it go.  Trust me, you'll be happier with more room!

Analyze and Measure

Look at your piles and see about how many boxes you will need and what sizes.  Make sure you MEASURE your space so you know what size boxes will fit.  


The key to having a space look "pretty" and also be organized, is to get all the SAME type of containers.  You want things to flow and to be pleasing to the eye.  Sometimes I will buy a couple different types of boxes just to try out, which we did for this project as well.


Plastin Bins

First we tried using plastic bins.  Clear bins are great because you can see what is in them.  I typically like having containers with lids because it keeps things from oozing out and creating a cluttered mess.  It also makes it nice to be able to stack and use the most space possible.  Of course you want to label every box.    There IS a time and place for open boxes or baskets as well, like the ones here that we put on the bottom shelves.  They are good when you want  to be able to get things in and out of their container quickly and for things used often.  These white baskets also filled the space which is nice so space isn't being wasted.


So things worked well with clear bins.  They are very reasonably priced and it is easy to see what you have.  This is almost always a great option for our storage areas.  But we tried another option as well, just for fun.


A Classier Look

I discovered these beautiful Pop N' Store Storage Boxes and just love them!  They really make a space look more elegant and give a bit of a "Martha Stewart" look, which is always fun! Using these boxes really helped create a, not only organized and functional space but also turned this closet into a beautiful storage area!  

I stole this picture from their website because... well, they have better pictures then I have and I wanted you to see how beautiful these boxes are..

I stole this picture from their website because... well, they have better pictures then I have and I wanted you to see how beautiful these boxes are..

The Pop N'Store boxes are especially nice to put around the home to store those things that you don't want out creating clutter, but want to have handy.  Because these boxes are so pretty, it is ok to have them sitting out in the open on a nice piece of furniture!  They actually add to the decor of the room.  So cool!  So they basically help to hold storage items in OR out of the closet.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.35.55 AM.png

So thats it.  A couple different ideas on how to get that storage area looking spiffy!  Try cleaning out YOUR storage area that is giving you grief.  Remember,  you need to schedule a time to do it or it won't happen!  Good luck!