Organizing Your “Catch All Area”

We all have that place in our home where miscellaneous items automatically just get thrown.  We often call them junk drawers.  Objects get thrown there because we don’t know what else to do with them and we just want our mess hidden.  Let me show you how to turn these messes into organized, incredibly useful spaces. Where do we begin?

1. Pull everything out of your space!

(This client, in the picture below, is blessed with a whole row of drawers to keep her miscellaneous items organized!  She just needed some help figuring out how to best use her space.)

2. Create a Work Space

Make sure to create a large clean area to put all these items, while you are sorting and organizing things.

3. Mark Four Large Boxes

  • Give Away
  • Sell
  • Memories/ Store
  • Trash

Below are a couple "Before" pictures so you can see what we are going to be working with.

4. Start sorting items into “like piles”.

You won’t really know how much and what you have, until the space is completely emptied out.  Start creating piles of things that belong together.

If something is a memory or something is rarely used, you might consider boxing it up and putting it in a storage area.

If you haven’t used an item in a long time and think you probably never will… GET RID OF IT!  (Donate Box)

Junky?  Broken?  Trash it!  

5. Start Putting Things Away

After everything is sorted into piles, decide where you want all of these piles.  Some items may belong in a different part of the house.  Put all these things away.

Then decide where you want the other items in your drawers.  Use dividers and just start dropping things in.  You will probably change things around a few times till everything fits nicely the way you like it.

6. Dividers

To keep items neat and organized, dividers are a must!  You can get simple boxes at the $ store, use things you already have at home, or buy dividers made for drawers.   

7. Finished Product

Here is how this particular project turned out.  We could have used a few more dividers for the pet drawer, but we used what we had.  Now everything has a place!


When things have a place, it is easy to keep them organized! Viola!