Fresh Smelling Laundry

I have had a few different guest visiting in my home that have told me that I have the best smelling laundry.  They always ask how I do it.  I thought I'd go ahead and share these few tips with you guys!

Clean Washer

First off, you need to have a clean, working, washer.  I use bleach often, which keeps my bowl nice and clean.  If you aren't a bleach user, I would wash a load with bleach every now and then.  The bleach really gets your bowl nice an clean, which is important if you want clean fresh laundry.


If you don't like to use bleach, you can run an empty load with a cup of vinegar now and then.  Vinegar is always a great, safe, environmentally friendly way to keep things fresh and clean.  Also, using 1/2 cup at the beginning of your rinse cycle will act as a natural fabric softener and will help combat stains.  BUT I don't do this very often.  Some say, using vinegar regularly in your machine, or too often could rot rubber hoses and seals.  

Baking Soda

Adding a cup of baking soda along with your detergent also helps neutralize the smell of musty towels or things that have been sitting in the hamper too long.

Great smelling detergent

I have tried many, many detergents over my 30 years of being a wife and mother!  But Tide Sport has been my personal favorite!  It just makes laundry smell so fresh!  I have only found it made for "he" machines, but you can use it in standard machines as well without a problem. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE how it makes my laundry smell.  It also does a great job at keeping my clothes clean.  Tide cost more money, but it is worth it for me.

Fabric Softener

I use Bounce Fresh Linen dryer sheets. Again, they cost more then other brands, but I'll spend a little more to get that fresh smelling laundry that my family and guests love.

Thats it.  Thats what I do.  What do you use that you love?  Share it with us!