Reducing Paper Clutter

Paper clutter is a HUGE part of the clutter that forms around our homes.  Just being on top of keeping everything filed is a big project! Having a paper scanner in an AWESOME way to help control this problem!

These scanners come with software for your computer that help keep all this paper work organized and easy to get to, right on your computer.  The loose papers can get tossed!  I personally have a Neat Desk Scanner and just love it.

With this particular scanner you can scan up to 24 documents at a time!  Just set a pile of paper in it and hit scan. Bam.  You can title and date and basically write in as much information about each document as you would like.  You can put things in folders on your computer and things stay so organized!

  • Neat identifies and organizes important information from your paper
  • Instantly create expense reports, searchable PDF files, and more
  • Free up space around the house and put time back in your day

 It is super easy to search for a document to print or email at anytime.  You can also scan business card, receipts or just about anything. Then... you can throw everything you just scanned away!  Bye bye paper clutter!

The NeatDesk scanner runs around $400 but you can get it on Amazon for $348.00.  

I know this is kind of pricey but there are also cheeper scanners to choose from.

This mobile scanner is smaller and can only scan one page at a time, but it stores information just like the desk top scanner.  I started out with this scanner and just moved to the bigger one last year.

This Fujitsu ScanSnap is actually rated as the number one selling scanner on Amazon.  I just have never used it, but it is priced more reasonably.  So if you are serious about getting a scanner, you might want to check into this one as well.


There are many scanners to choose from, but if paper clutter is getting you down, this is just a great way to help solve your problem!  SCAN and then TOSS.  Love it!