Organizing Your Makeup

I just found a new product that I actually think I love!  I hate digging through my makeup bag trying to find what I am looking for!  I found something that keeps my makeup totally organized, easy to find and easy to use!  Check it out!

First off, this is the before picture of my yucky makeup bag I used to use for my simple everyday makeup.

IMG_8426 2.JPG

Now check this out.  

What is this called, you ask?!!  It Is the called the Beauty Butler.

This is my gorgeous daughter-in-law using her Beauty Butler along with her favorite make-up that she just happens to love, by MaskCara.  You can create a Beauty Butler pallet for each stage of makeup.  One for base, eyes and lips. You don't have to dig around looking for things. 

They give you velcro strips that you put on all your make up.  You organize it the way you want.   You can just open the compacts and leave them on the tray while putting on your makeup.  Or you can pull things off.

 It is just so simple, clean and organized!  Love it!  Click <HERE> and it will take you to the link to order if you want to try it out.